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Unlock the Reasons for Medication Nonadherence

Nonadherence results in an estimated 125,000 deaths and up to 25% of total hospitalizations each year in the United States.*

A widespread challenge is that many patients living with chronic conditions do not properly start, adhere to, or persist with the drugs that they have been prescribed. This results in patients failing to get the full benefits of medication and suffering from avoidable disease progression.

Silver Fern’s Customizable Medication Adherence Solutions

Our solutions help clinicians take a more holistic approach to patient care. Eight of Silver Fern’s research-based assessment modules are designed to unlock the complex and interconnected issues that can impact proper medication adherence. These modules can be purchased together on our proven platform as part of a whole-person-care solution, or separately as part of a customized solution.



Silver Fern’s Behavior Diagnostic Platform

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

For patients to get the full benefits of prescribed medications, clinical teams need to have meaningful conversations with them to help problem solve and create a personal action plan that builds in the patient’s preferences and helps them overcome personal barriers.

Health Literacy & Numeracy

Establishes whether a patient has the base level of literacy needed to read and understand medication directions.

Behavioral Health Barriers

Focuses on psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, and alcohol dependence that can negatively impact medication adherence.

Cognitive Functioning

Assesses the basic functional memory capacity required to take medications on a regular basis.

Medication Taking

Focuses on current medication-taking behaviors, goals, and barriers to adherence.

SDoH Plus

Focuses on social issues such as finances and support from family and friends that can play a major role in medication adherence.

Exploring the medication adherence considerations that are specific to different chronic diseases is essential for patients to achieve optimum health. Silver Fern offers three modules that address these topics.

Insulin Therapy Problems

For patients with type 2 diabetes Focuses on attitudes regarding starting insulin, as well as current insulin-taking behaviors, goals, and barriers.

Fluid Intake and Weight

For patients with heart failure Contains questions that address the relationship between adherence to medications and ability to limit excessive fluid gains.

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

For patients with hypertension Explores home blood pressure monitoring as a mechanism for assisting providers to manage blood pressure medication.

All of Silver Fern’s assessment modules meet Medicaid readability guidelines.

A Systematic Approach to More Personalized Medication Management

In addition to quickly assessing patients’ current behaviors, goals, barriers, and preferences, the Silver Fern modules offer extensive suggested actions for follow-up care paths that are aligned with each patient’s individual responses.

This powerful combination of assessments and suggested actions gives a consistent framework for working with individuals to address their specific issues and enables care management teams to deliver consistent, quality interventions at scale.

Sample barrier, goal, and behavior flags in the
Medication Taking Module of the Type 2 Diabetes Program:

This Isn't Just Data, It's Actionable Information

Build targeted, population-based health intervention plans to move the needle on medication adherence and improve quality metrics

Silver Fern’s dedicated reporting server and customizable Tableau dashboards allow clients to view population-level health data about their patients’ behaviors, goals, and barriers illuminated by the medication adherence modules.

Use these insights to create targeted campaigns to address what is commonly getting in the way of medication adherence, for example:
  • Educate on essential topics or misunderstandings
  • Offer tools or target strategies for improving medication management (e.g., digital pill boxes)
  • Inform about insurance benefits or other resources for making medications more affordable

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