Why Silver Fern?

At Silver Fern, we are driven by a mission to transform care for people with chronic diseases by focusing on what really impacts patient success: self-management behaviors, psychosocial challenges, and actionable social determinants of health.

One in two adult Americans suffers from preventable, lifestyle-related, chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, and hypertension. The pandemic of chronic disease is a global, financial crisis, costing the U.S. alone more than $3 trillion annually and worldwide is taking a heavy human, economic, and social toll. This burden is avoidable with care delivery that is focused on prevention and on bringing people to better health.

People with chronic disease need better care delivery models to avoid serious—and costly—complications. Silver Fern helps chronic care delivery teams approach this challenge with a new kind of solution that was specifically designed with and for practicing clinicians.

Silver Fern's proprietary diagnostic modules are at the core of Silver Fern's revolutionary products and are based on 30+ years of clinical research led by our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Garry Welch, former primary investigator at Harvard Medical School and research professor at Tufts University School of Medicine. The diagnostic modules have been proven to quickly and accurately unlock individual behavior and psychosocial vital signs, getting to the root of why a patient is struggling to manage their chronic condition.

Silver Fern's products apply a research-driven, practical model of behavior change, which enhances patient engagement and results. Chronic care management teams receive actionable, suggested pathways of care to help people with chronic disease gain essential information and behavior skill, while uncovering and leveraging the personal motivation necessary to achieve long-term lifestyle change. By keeping health providers at the center of care, our products promote highly personalized interactions that result in patient education and sustained engagement.

Information - Behavior Skills - Motivation

At Silver Fern, we are proud to be advancing how digital health is applied to the management of chronic diseases, and we are driven to get these essential tools into the hands of chronic care delivery teams everywhere. Unlike other digital health companies, by enabling flexible communication methods, including purely digital, over-the-phone, and in-person delivery options, our products leverage the many advantages of a digital platform while retaining the engagement benefits of more traditional care models. Silver Fern's digital health platform has proven results and demonstrated the ability to facilitate behavior change, improve health outcomes, reduce the overall cost of care, and enhance the quality of care.


Silver Fern Healthcare is a proud member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine's (ACLM) Corporate Roundtable. ACLM's mission is to advance evidenced-based Lifestyle Medicine as a value-based specialty that transforms, redefines and sustains health and health care by treating, reversing and preventing noncommunicable, chronic disease. The ACLM corporate roundtable is comprised of members, such as Silver Fern Healthcare, who are passionate about the urgent need to transform health and healthcare.


Silver Fern is a proud business partner of the National Association of ACOs (NAACOS). NAACOS allows ACOs to work together to increase quality of care, lower costs and improve the health of their communities. As a business partner, Silver Fern supports the members of NAACOS and the organization’s mission to foster growth of ACO models of care.

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