Silver Fern Healthcare is making whole-person care a reality, improving health outcomes, and lowering the cost of healthcare. Powered by 30+ years of behavior medicine and published, evidence-based research, Silver Fern's first-of-its-kind behavior diagnostic and decision support platform has been proven to significantly increase engagement and achieve better health outcomes for patients.

patients achieving health goals
0.6 – 1.6%
reduction in HbA1c
increase in patient engagement

Reveal barriers you haven't been able to see before to build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Silver Fern believes in whole-person care. The Silver Fern products build trust and open a new level of conversation with patients. By keeping health providers at the center of care, our products promote highly personalized interactions that result in patient education and sustained engagement. Silver Fern is relentlessly pursuing innovative, value-added ideas to help define the evolving definition of whole-person care and help our clients integrate the approach into their care.

Increased patient engagement

The Silver Fern products help you attain and sustain high participant engagement by building trusting relationship and personalizing care. Compared to the best in-person CDC programs, clinical care teams using Silver Fern's Behavior Diagnostic Platform drove a 7x increase in patient engagement and an ~2x increase in patients achieving their physical activity and weight-loss goals. *

Clinically significant improvements in health outcomes

Silver Fern's modules unlock behaviors and psychosocial issues that create barriers for patients so that care teams can work with individuals to address their specific issues, leading to better-controlled chronic disease and improved outcome measures. Users have helped patients achieve clinically significant improvements in diabetes control and psychosocial outcomes. ^

Real-time, micro and macro data analytics and insights

In addition to providing individual insights into behaviors, goals, and barriers, this information is collected on a population level. These insights enable organizations to adjust and micro-target care plans, benefit design, health engagement strategies, and campaigns to drive outcomes and lower cost of care. Additionally, the information can be used to report on key quality metrics, like screening for depression, tobacco, disease distress, and SDoH, along with A1C and blood pressure control.

* Over a year-long, behaviorally enriched Diabetes Prevention Program delivered by our care delivery partner.
^ HbA1c and psychosocial improvement

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