Disease Prevention ProgramHealthy Lifestyle & Disease Prevention

Reveal barriers you haven’t been able to see before to build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

The Healthy Lifestyle and Disease Prevention Program applies Silver Fern’s evidence-based techniques for identifying participants’ behaviors, barriers, and goals. The program is appropriate for use with your emerging risk population or to engage your low-risk population in overall healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Prevent Individuals from Progressing Toward Chronic Disease

We add a level of precision to your understanding of the individual, enabling you to create more effective solutions for your predisease members.

Population Insights That Allow You to Create and Target Prevention Initiatives and Incentives

We offer never-seen-before behavior and psychosocial insights that deepen your understanding of a population, enabling you to take targeted, meaningful, informed actions that keep people healthy and prevent escalating cost. The program offers an efficient way to further stratify your emerging risk population so you can create targeted outreach and solutions to help prevent progression to chronic disease.

Prevent Escalating Cost in Your Emerging Risk Pool with Silver Fern's Healthy Lifestyle & Disease Prevention Program

Featured Modules

The Healthy Lifestyle and Disease Prevention Program features nine research-based modules, including:

Life Balance

Assesses key areas of wellness, including loneliness and a sense of belonging; identifies areas that the participant would like to explore further.

Behavioral Health Barriers

Screens for psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, and alcohol dependence that can negatively impact healthy lifestyle behaviors.

SDoH Plus

Assesses social support and social determinants of health that can impact participant engagement.

All of Silver Fern’s assessment modules meet Medicaid readability guidelines.

Other traditional risk assessments ask about patient history, diet, and stress—all very surface level information. But with Silver Fern, their modules go deeper and get a holistic picture of my patients which helps us move in the right direction.
Caroline, Health Coach & Silver Fern Client

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