Silver Fern’s proven solutions help clinicians take a more holistic approach to patient care by offering a standardized approach to assessing and addressing the behaviors and psychosocial factors that matter most.

Silver Fern’s proven Behavior Diagnostic Platform can be integrated as a whole-person care solution, or its component parts can be used flexibly to offer a customized solution to your most pressing problems.

Assessment Modules

Silver Fern’s 23 assessment modules can be arranged in custom packages or purchased in specially designed programs that address common issues, such as Silver Fern’s Medication Adherence Program or Silver Fern’s Comprehensive Obesity Management program. Each of Silver Fern’s modules comes with:
  • A research-based, validated assessment with built-in flagging logic.
  • Suggested actions for pathways of care that are tailored to the patient-specific experiences, behaviors, goals, and barriers unlocked by the assessment.
  • Real-time assessment results and flagging data at the individual user and population levels.
Our new Comprehensive Obesity Management program assesses key patient self-management behaviors and psychosocial barriers often missing from tradition obesity programs.

All of Silver Fern's assessment modules meet Medicaid readability guidelines.

Assessment Modules

Disease Programs

Disease Programs

Silver Fern’s library of five pre-built disease programs can be used as-is or customized to meet your needs. Each program promotes highly personalized interactions that explore issues related to chronic and pre-chronic disease.

Using a collection of research-based assessment modules, the programs systematically and quickly unlock the behaviors and psychosocial issues that commonly go unassessed in routine care but that create barriers for patients.

Silver Fern currently offers four Chronic Disease Programs and two Disease Prevention Programs:

Behavior Diagnostic Platform

Silver Fern’s Platform is a complete, web-based (SaaS), behavior and psychosocial assessment solution. It was proven through 30+ years of research and rigorous clinical trials and was designed to complement existing medical diagnostic and support tools. The Platform uses proven techniques to achieve positive health outcomes by systematically assessing individual patients’ daily behaviors and psychosocial barriers and by providing care teams with suggestions and resources to address the issues and opportunities illuminated by the assessments.

The Platform has been proven to increase engagement and improve health outcomes. The main dashboard helps clinicians organize their workflow, including aggregating flagging data to allow clinicians to quickly identify patients that require a priority response from the care team, and it provides a structured framework for care management teams to have deeper, more consistent, and more beneficial conversations with patients.

Behavior Diagnostic Platform

Data Analytics

All of Silver Fern’s solutions come with access to Silver Fern’s Insights Dashboard, a dedicated, customizable dashboard that offers complete data transparency for users and displays onboarding data and population analytics.

This isn’t just data; it’s actionable information. Information about common behaviors, treatment preferences, and barriers to health can be analyzed to better understand why a population is behaving the way it is and to design and deploy targeted interventions.

Data Analytics

Create, modify, and micro-target programs, care plans, benefit design, health engagement strategies, and campaigns to drive outcomes and lower cost of care. This data can be a leading indicator of program and treatment effectiveness. Get an early indication of how interventions are going with directional insights into targeted areas such as SDoH, behavioral health, and disease self-management.

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Robust patient engagement is essential to long-term, successful management of chronic disease. Compared to the best in-person CDC programs, clinical care teams using Silver Fern's platform drove a 7x increase in participant engagement and an ~2x increase in participants achieving their physical activity and weight-loss goals over a year-long, behaviorally enriched Diabetes Prevention Program. This was accomplished through authentic participant engagement, rather than a punitive or incentive-based structure to compel behavior change.

Improving health outcomes is necessary in order to reduce the total cost of care. Following adoption of Silver Fern's diabetes toolset, chronic care management teams helped patients achieve clinically significant improvements in diabetes control and psychosocial outcomes. Clinicians using our chronic care management platform improved their effectiveness and reported higher levels of satisfaction.

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Leverage Silver Fern’s proven approach and flexible tools to address your most pressing problems.

Within the Care Management Process

  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Utilization Management
  • Prevention of Readmissions
  • Complex Case Management
  • Population Health Management
  • Quality Improvement Initiatives
  • Transition of Care

Within Population Health Analytics

  • Enriched Predictive Modeling
  • Nuanced Risk Stratification

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