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Reveal barriers you haven’t been able to see before to build deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Although major advances in the treatment of heart disease have allowed people to live longer, heart failure is a challenging condition to live with and properly manage. Shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness, and fluid build up can make the necessary, daily self-management tasks feel overwhelming.


Silver Fern’s Heart Failure Program contains evidence-based modules that unlock patients’ current behaviors, barriers, and goals in areas that are essential to helping them effectively manage the disease. The program reveals how patients are handling tasks such as medication taking and daily weight and fluid restrictions. It offers deeper, more precise insights into the psychological, behavioral, environmental, and social issues that are getting in the way of individuals and populations achieving better health.

Managing Heart Failure is Hard
We Make It Easier to Understand
and Address Your Patients' Needs

Cardiovascular diseases are the most common cause of death in the world, claiming about 17.7 million lives each year.*

Featured Modules

Silver Fern’s Heart Failure Program includes sixteen research-based modules that address self-management behaviors and psychosocial barriers, including:

Weight and Fluid Intake

Focuses on current behaviors related to fluid intake and weight measurements; identifies behaviors and their causes that may be leading to fluid overload and inappropriate weight gain.

Medication Taking and Lab Monitoring

Explores how patients view their medications; their understanding of their medications and side effects; and barriers to taking them as prescribed.

Heart Failure Coping Style

Explores helpful or unhelpful beliefs, attitudes, and personal motivation around treatmentrelated behavior change across four coping styles.

All of Silver Fern’s assessment modules meet Medicaid readability guidelines.
Other traditional risk assessments ask about patient history, diet, and stress—all very surface level information. But with Silver Fern, their modules go deeper and get a holistic picture of my patients which helps us move in the right direction.
Caroline, Health Coach & Silver Fern Client
Silver Fern helps the nurses get to the heart of the matter quickly.
Maryann, Senior Director of Population Health, Silver Fern Client
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