Webinar: The power of lifestyle medicine for preventing and managing chronic disease: A deep dive into the three primary treatment options for type 2 diabetes.

Date/Time: June 1, 11:30 am ET

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Type 2 diabetes is a largely preventable chronic condition that impacts more than 37 million people in the US. Another 96 million people have prediabetes, yet most don’t know they have it. These numbers will continue to rise without sweeping changes to our modern culture and lifestyle habits. The good news is that the medical subspeciality and approach of lifestyle medicine is growing and provides physician leadership and hope in this area.

Join us on June 1 at 11:30 am ET for a live and interactive webinar exploring the three most common treatment options for patients living with type 2 diabetes:
  1. Medication and medical treatments
  2. Weight-loss surgery
  3. Intense lifestyle change
Learn more about how providers and health systems can help patients invest in their own health through lifestyle change and the tools that clinical teams can use to unlock the patient’s individual experience living with chronic disease. Using this information, clinical teams can devise targeted lifestyle and health interventions that put patients on a path to lifelong health.

Featured Speakers:
Nora Saul, MS, RD, LDN, CDCES, has more than 30 years' experience in the fields of clinical nutrition and diabetes education. She has worked directly with patients in a variety of clinical settings to help them understand various choices they can actively make to improve their quality of life. Nora has worked for Roche Diagnostics Corporation and the Joslin Diabetes Center; has lectured and presented nationally and internationally; and has written extensively on diabetes topics for the public.

Garry Welch, Ph.D., Behavior Health Expert and Chief Scientific Officer, Silver Fern Healthcare: Dr. Welch is a foremost expert in behavior medicine for chronic disease care. He has extensive experience leading clinical research on behavior change strategies for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases. He has authored several groundbreaking studies on tools for effectively assessing and addressing self-management behaviors and has developed a behavior change model designed specifically for practical and commercial use.

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