Webinar: Take As Directed: Effective Approaches to Medication Adherence. A conversation between a pharmacist, a dietician, and a behavior change expert.

Date/Time: June 27, 1-1:30 pm ET

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Medication adherence is essential to proper disease management and nonadherence accounts for up to 50% of treatment failures. Why do so many patients run into challenges properly and persistently taking their medication?

During this webinar, panelists will share insights from their perspectives as a pharmacist, a dietician, and a behavior scientist on the following topics: For pre-reading on this topic, please see our recent three-part series on medication adherence: Featured Speakers:

Nora Saul, MS, RD, LDN, CDCES, has more than 30 years' experience in the fields of clinical nutrition and diabetes education. She has worked directly with patients in a variety of clinical settings to help them understand various choices they can actively make to improve their quality of life. Nora has worked for Roche Diagnostics Corporation and the Joslin Diabetes Center; has lectured and presented nationally and internationally; and has written extensively on diabetes topics for the public.

Garry Welch, Ph.D., Behavior Health Expert and Chief Scientific Officer, Silver Fern Healthcare: Dr. Welch is a foremost expert in behavior medicine for chronic disease care. He has extensive experience leading clinical research on behavior change strategies for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases. He has authored several groundbreaking studies on tools for effectively assessing and addressing self-management behaviors and has developed a behavior change model designed specifically for practical and commercial use.

Sarah Rivera, PharmD., Clinical Consultant Pharmacist: Dr. Rivera is a clinical pharmacist, practicing most of her career in pharmacy benefit management for large health plans and government clients. She has worked closely with life science organizations to help build value for their products in the market and has extensive experience in developing clinical, patient driven programs to improve the wholistic health of patients.

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