About Us

We are a first-to-market healthcare company with an exclusive license to deliver a proven, integrated behavioral medicine digital health solution that allows front line clinical teams to successfully implement the new American Diabetes Association (2016) clinical care guidelines for behavioral and psychosocial care.

Silver Fern Healthcare’s Sustainable Competitive Advantage

  • Strong research and evidence-based foundation
  • Proven patient assessments and behavior change models
  • Demonstrated improvements in health outcomes
  • Exclusive license
  • Leading scientists and advisors
  • Modular and flexible digital health solution
  • Experience working in safety net community clinics serving diverse patient populations
Obesity related chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes are at epidemic levels and cause serious and costly (yet avoidable) complications: heart attacks, strokes, chronic kidney disease, blindness, and amputations.
Behavioral medicine helps patients obtain the information, motivation, and practical behavioral skills to improve their treatment engagement and cope with the burden of treatment.
Digital health applied to the management of chronic diseases is fast growing and holds great promise to improve patient access to care, enhance self-management and outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.